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It’s Kitten Season

This time of year always brings multiple litters of kittens that need homes.  Having your pet spayed or neutered helps control pet over population.  Unfortunately each year there are more kittens than homes and thousands get euthanized in our animal control shelters.


The chart below shows just how many kittens ONE unspayed cat can be responsible for in just 16 months .




And what about 6 years!!!!

Beside helping to stop pet overpopulation, there are also great health benefits to spaying your female cat.

* Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast cancer, which is fatal in about  90 percent of cats. Spaying your pet before her first heat offers the best protection from these diseases.

* While cycles can vary, female felines usually go into heat four to five days every three weeks during breeding season. In an effort to advertise for mates, they’ll yowl and urinate more frequently—sometimes all over the house!

* Don’t use that old excuse! Lack of exercise and overfeeding will cause your pet to pack on the extra pounds—not neutering. Your pet will remain fit and trim as long as you continue to provide exercise and monitor food intake.

Now as promised some adoptable kittens:






Once of our great clients took in a pregnant stray mom and she had 5 beautiful kittens who are now ready for adoption.  Albert , a male has a twin brother Einstein  and Violet and Betsy are hard to tell apart as well. The kittens have had their first vaccine and de-wormings and are ready for their forever home.  If you are interested in any of these kittens, please give us a call and we will be happy to get you in touch with our client.  Please share their pictures as well to get them out to more people.



Last week’s question was :

Name three places your dog may feel safe during a thunderstorm.

And the winner is Teresa Corbett


She answered: A crate, bathroom, or an interior room.


And this week’s question is :

How often can female cats go into heat during breeding season?

Please leave a comment to this blog with your answer or send us the answer via e mail to by noon on Friday  to be eligible to win the weekly prize.

** Please note , you can win more than once and you can win consecutive weeks , so keep on answering the questions! You DO NOT  have to be a client of Rockdale Animal Hospital to enter or win.


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