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Meet our Saturday Doctors

By March 17, 2015 Uncategorized

Rockdale Animal Hospital has two great veterinarians that work on Saturday’s.  They are full time mom’s and also do other great work in the veterianary community.



Alicia Darden, DVM & “Earl”


Dr. Darden graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1995. She practices small animal medicine by doing relief work, working at a spay and neuter clinic, and performing in-home euthanasia.
Dr. Darden lives in McDonough with her husband, three children and two pets.




Deborah Martin, PhD, DVM & “Phoenix”


Dr. Martin graduated with honors in 1992 and received her Bachelors degree in Biology from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She then moved to Georgia and attended The University of Georgia where she received her Masters in 1994 and her PhD in 1997 for Zoology, specializing in animal behavior. In 2001, she graduated from U.G.A. College of Veterinary Medicine and received her DVM degree.
Dr. Martin has been employed since 2004 at Rockdale Animal Hospital. She presently practices veterinary medicine doing relief work in general and emergency practices, as well as vaccine, spay and neuter clinics. She also performs behavioral consultations for dogs and cats with behavior problems.
Dr. Martin lives in Decatur with her husband and children. She enjoys competing in agility, field retrieving and conformation with her Flat-Coat Retriever, Phoenix.


Flea and Tick Season is just around the corner. Here are some tidbits of information on those nasty ticks.


  •  You probably knew that the high season for ticks runs from April to November. But did you know experts recommend year-round preventives because infections can occur at any time of the year? Like ticks, we’re also active year round and ready to help protects pets anytime!
  • We hate to be the ones to tell you, but the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that ticks in every U.S. state carry diseases. The good news? There’s a preventative for that—and we’ve got it on our shelves.
  • Has your dog been tested for tick-borne diseases this year? Let our in-clinic test do some detective work so you can tick that off your worry list.
  • Myth: Cats don’t get ticks—if they do, they just groom them off. In reality, once ticks attach and bury their mouth parts into the skin, they hold on and are quite difficult to dislodge.
Rockdale Animal Hospital has specials available  on our flea and tick products . Give us a call at 770-922-8600 and we will help you pick the best product for your pet.


We know you are vying for a spot as Pet Parent of the Year, so of course you want to know the best apps for dog and cat lovers. Whether it’s taking better care of your pets or communicating better with them, the latest apps make it easy and fun. Here is DogTime and CatTime’s top 10 list:



1. Catbook (Poolhouse Enterprises)
Like the name implies, it’s like that other social network, but for 1 million cats and their people. You can keep a diary of your kitty’s activities, find other cats by breed or location, and “friend” likeminded feline friends…but don’t be catty.


2. Cat Fishing (Purina)
Dogs don’t have to have all the fun. If your kitty loves to fish or even if she loves watching them swim, she’ll have a paw-some time with this game. Tap start on an iPad and your cat can use her paws to fish to her heart’s content. Plus, the game gets harder with every fish caught.


3. DoggieDatez (Appetite Labs)
Walking your pup just got a lot more interactive and fun. A social network for dog lovers, DoggieDatez is a GPS-based app that allows users to find other pooches nearby by “marking their territory” and “friend” them to play games.


4. Dog Translator (Ronald Bell)
Always guessing what Rex is trying to tell you when he barks? Now you don’t have to. This app lets users record their dog’s barks and analyzes them to tell you what he’s really trying to say. No more crystal tennis ball!


5. DogVacay (Dog Vacay, Inc.)
Problem: You have to find a dog sitter and a good one fast and you want to get updates on him while you’re away. Solution: DogVacay app. This handy app allows you to schedule a vetted, insured dog sitter who can send daily photo updates right to your smartphone.


6. Game for Dogs (Airship Software)
Have a howl of a time playing together, this app lets you and your canine companion chase the virtual squeaky toy together.


7. Pet First Aid (Jive Media)
No pet owner ever wants to deal with an emergency, but wouldn’t it be easier if all the help you needed was in your pocket? This app includes the latest information, photos, and videos of how to care of everything from broken bones to accidental poisonings.


8. Pet Minder PRO (IES)
This easy-to-use app gives you color-coded reminders and helps you seamlessly keep track the care you give your four-legged family members. You’ll never forget feedings, medications, vet appointments, and even timed potty breaks for your new puppy. Red means your pet has an urgent need and green means you can relax and enjoy that furry face.


9. Petometer (Triad Retail Media)
Want to know exactly how long and fast your dog walk route is, as well as keep track of your walks with a mapped out area? Then check out Petometer. This app will also let you synch walking reminders with your calendar and receive a recommended list of exercises.


10. PetSnap (Pet Lama)
Taking good photos of your pets is never easy. But now there’s an app to help. With 32 sounds and features, it gets your pet’s attention so you can take the photo in, well…a snap. Photos can be also be stylized to make Fifi look picture-purrfect.

The answer to last weeks question was: a muzzle or towel .  And the winner is Teresa Corbett! Congratulations !


Now, this week’s question:  What is the high season for ticks?


Send your answer to  before noon on Friday to be eligible for the weekly prize.



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