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All Care Veterinary Network

Rockdale Animal Hospital is a proud member of All Care Veterinary Network (ACVN). Together, our local veterinarians and hospitals are connected to share resources and provide you with the highest quality of medicine and services at any of our locations, including routine check-ups, emergency care, and specialized treatments.

You can access care at any of our network hospitals:

Network Benefits

Being part of ACVN provides many benefits, including:

Veterinarians & Support Staff: You’ll find like-minded, compassionate, and dedicated team members across our network. Our teams collaborate and work together to provide your pet with the best care.

Appointments: You can schedule appointments at the location of your choice. With the help of technology, your pet’s history can be accessed at any of our locations! This gives our teams an understanding of your pet’s past care and concerns at each visit.

Pet Prime: Members can take advantage of unlimited exams and vaccinations as well as pick up preventatives at any of our network hospitals. Not a member? Learn more >

Our patients have always been the heart of our practices. As our network grows, we remain dedicated to providing the best healthcare available for your pet.

All Care Veterinary Network