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Pet Dental Disease

Rockdale Animal Hospital is celebrating Pet Health Dental Month  through the end of April!  For the rest of the month  get a FREE dental exam by our pet nurses! We are also offering a discount on dental cleanings for your dog or cat. Dental procedures are done on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and your pet goes home the same afternoon. Call us today to set your appointment as we have a limited number of spaces available at the discounted price.


Have you looked  in your pets mouth lately?

Below are  pictures of the 4 stages of dental disease.  As your pets disease advances, so does the pain and infection in your pets mouth.  Don’t let your pet suffer! Bring them in and let us do a FREE dental exam to see if you need to schedule a dental before our special pricing ends.


The Four Stages of Pet Dental Disease



  •  Yes, you really can brush your pet’s teeth. It’s not that hard! (We can teach you if you need help)

  • Never use human toothpaste for a pet! It can be toxic if they swallow.

In the News :  Pilots Volunteer  to fly shelter dogs to new life!


We are still looking for those great pictures of your pets to start our pet gallery on our web site.  Please send them in to



The question this week is can you use human toothpaste to brush your pets teeth?

Send your answer to hospital@rockanimal  by noon Friday to be eligible for the prize!


The winner of  last weeks question is Geri !
The question: Name three conditions that heartwom disease causes in your pet?  She gave the correct answer of lung Disease, heart disease and organ failure .



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