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Snake Bites and your pets

This is the time of year that we see a lot of snake bites in the hospital.

While walking your dog follow these guidelines to help keep you and your dog safe.

  • While out walking, controlling your dog with a leash may be your best safety device.
  • Do not allow your dog to explore holes in the ground or dig under logs, flat rocks or planks.
  • Stay on open paths where there is an opportunity for snakes to be visible.
  • Keep nighttime walks to a minimum; rattlers are nocturnal most of the year.
  • If you hear a rattlesnake, keep your dog at your side until you locate the snake; then move away.
  • Off-trail hiking with an unleashed dog may stir up a snake and you may be as likely a victim as your dog.
  • If your dog seems unusually curious about “something” hidden in the grass, back off immediately until you know what it is.


Anytime your dog has been bitten by a snake, it is important that you see your veterinarian or local emergency clinic for proper treatment.


Here are some pictures of snake bites and the extreme swelling caused in some dogs.


Dog Snake Bitedog-coral-snake...Stings and <b>snake</b> <b>bites</b> happen frequently in the Spring!Back Gallery For <b>Snake</b>...


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