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Cool Cat Stuff

Since this is the last week of our month of cat blog’s, it’s all fun information you always wanted to know about cats, and some you may not want to  know!

( Thanks vetstreet  for great information)

First up: 10 ways your cats tells you it loves you:


Four games to play with your cat:


Four Fun Games to Play With Cats:


cat playing with feather toy

Want to know what the top ten pedigree cats are ? Here you go:

What Are the Top 10 Cat Breeds in America?:

Albert and Issac are brothers who were born to a stray mom.   They are both very sweet kittens who would make great pets.  They are very outgoing, fun-loving playful kittens. Please contact us if you or anyone you know would be interested in adopting them.




Last week’s question was :

Why are some cats attracted to chemicals?


And the winner is:


Karen Sawyer


And this week’s question is:

What is head bunting and why to cats do it?


Please leave a comment to this blog with your answer or send us the answer via e mail to by noon on Friday  to be eligible to win the weekly prize.

** Please note , you can win more than once and you can win consecutive weeks , so keep on answering the questions! You DO NOT  have to be a client of Rockdale Animal Hospital to enter or win.


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