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What’s New and Hot in Cat Toys (and other cool cat stuff)

 Best Cat Toys


The bottom line when it comes to purchasing toys for your cats or kittens is to think about their purrsonal safety. Small items such as detachable eyes, noses, beads on the end of the toy, and string are all choking hazards. Just because you can’t physically pull the item off the toy, doesn’t mean your cat can’t. A $2.00 cat toy on a piece of string left with your cat unsupervised can quickly become an expensive emergency vet bill. Your awareness is crucial when scrutinizing toys for your cat’s enjoyment. This way, both of you can live a long and happy life.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Da BirdCat Toys: Da Bird – An interactive string and feather toy. Highly appealing to all types of cats. Available at any quality pet supply store or pet store.

Retails: $19.95


StarCat Toys: Star Chaser by Bergan Chaser by Bergan – Taking the turbo trac to a higher level, this interactive toy lights up, providing a sturdy cardboard scratching pad along with hours of entertainment for you and your cat.

Retails: $19.99


Cat Toys: Drinkwell Pet Fountain Drinkwell Pet Fountain – Some may find it unusual to include a drinking fountain in a Top Ten Cat Toy selection. But set up the unit and drop a ping pong ball into the pool and watch the entertainment begin! Added plus, encourages kitties to stay well-hydrated.

Retails: Starts at $40.00 (depending on type). Several models available to choose from.


 A couple of home made ideas!

New Homemade Cat Toy

An empty plastic water bottle with treats inside. It rolls and rattles and its almost free!

I think these are toilet paper rolls ?? William the cat does not look too happy!







A recipe for a cool summer treat for your cat – a tuna Popsicle.

What you will need:

  • 1 can of tuna
  • 32 ounces of plain yogurt ( vanilla works fine too )
  • a blender
  • Dixie cups ( or any small, paper cups )


blend all ingredients, including the water from the can of tuna, in a blender ( or food processor ) until creamy and smooth. pour the blended ingredients into Dixie cups and freeze over night or until solid. when they are ready to serve, cut the paper of one of the Dixie cups and pop the Popsicle out onto a paper plate and watch your feline friend lick away. remember, only serve one at a time. too much of a good thing isn’t such a good thing!



Last week’s question was :

Why are flat faced pets  more susceptible to heatstroke or overheating?

And the winner is Tammy Trail!

She answered:  Flat faced pets are more susceptible to overheating because they can not pant as effectively.


And this week’s question is :

Name 4 parts of cat toys that can be choking hazards?

Please leave a comment to this blog with your answer or send us the answer via e mail to by noon on Friday  to be eligible to win the weekly prize.

** Please note , you can win more than once and you can win consecutive weeks , so keep on answering the questions! You DO NOT  have to be a client of Rockdale Animal Hospital to enter or win.


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  • Geri Addison says:

    Detachable eyes, noses, beads, and strings can all be potential choking hazards to your pets.

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