Apr 22 2015

April 22nd is Earth Day

Earth Day is here and what a wonderful time to celebrate the world we live in.

Earth Day started in 1970, but continues to be an annual reminder to give back to our planet. Earth Day is typically about clean air, recycling plastic and chemicals in our water.

How can pet lovers contribute to earth day?

How about adopting a “recycled” pet from our local Animal Control facilities?

Why not follow Friends of Rockdale Animal Control and Newton County Animal Control  on facebook to see all the great  pets they have available for adoption.  Along with Mutt’s & More , Pound Puppies and Kittens is another great local rescue.


Here are just a few “recycled” pets that are looking for a  home this week!

upton - rac

Upton – Rockdale Animal Control



Jason – Pound Puppies and Kittens


Tootsie – Rockdale Animal Control





Emily – Pound Puppies and Kittens

Other ideas to help the environment:


START WITH WHAT YOU FEED YOUR PET: Most vets are happy to help you design a diet that provides the vitamins and minerals your pet needs. Studies also show that chicken based-kibbles have less impact on the environment than beef.


PET CARE PRODUCTS: This includes environmentally friendly pet shampoo as well as dog toys and beds made from natural products like cotton or recycled materials.


SPAYING AND NEUTERING: A pet can have as much impact on the environment as an SUV. Allowing your pet to create unwanted litters of puppies or kittens multiplies the issue. Altering your pets stops this problem 100 percent.


 Last week’s question is: Name two ways canine influenza can be spread.


And the winner is Jill  Barnes who answered : Direct contact through respiratory secretions or through contact with contaminated objects.


Now for the question of the week : In what year did Earth Day start?


Please leave a comment to this blog with your answer or send us the answer via e mail to hospital@rockanimal.com by noon on Friday  to be eligible to win the weekly prize.

** Please note , you can win more than once and you can win consecutive weeks , so keep on answering the questions!


earth day



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