The Trifexis Scare

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By now, many are aware of the report on WSB-TV concerning the heartworm preventive medication, Trifexis. The allegations presented in this story are that Trifexis is responsible for multiple deaths in dogs to whom Trifexis was administered. Although we are very sorry for those who lost loved ones, the most powerful evidence available from autopsies clearly indicates other causes for the deaths. WSB-TV and its reporter Jim Strickland did a terrible disservice to the community. They are sowing fear and mistrust over an issue where an unbiased and honest investigation would have pointed to the need for further study, not sensational claims. It is, in my view, journalistic malpractice to sensationalize as complicated an issue as this during a sweeps month to simply gain viewers. “They should be ashamed of themselves,” as my mom would have said.

Over 50 million doses of Trifexis have been sold since its approval by the FDA and no associated animal deaths have been confirmed. We welcome any true evidence-based analysis of all claims of adverse reactions to Trifexis or any other medication. We know that any medication can and will have associated adverse reactions and, in fact, we and the drug companies are obligated to report these to the FDA should they occur. This provides a highly effective surveillance mechanism for drug monitoring to identify any problems with any medication that can lead to its withdrawal, if deemed significant. So far the Trifexis issue hasn’t risen to the level of requiring action and all evidence to date indicates that it will not.

Our veterinarians and most of the staff have been using Trifexis on our own pets for years and have seen no problems. In fact, we have no intentions to stop using it based on these unsubstantiated and false allegations because we believe Trifexis to be safe and effective. We appreciate all concerns and will be happy to more fully discuss the issues with anyone concerned. We feel for those who have lost loved ones and intend to do all in our power to protect those under our care.

We are, of course, carefully monitoring this situation and will keep our clients and community up to date on this and any issues relating to the health and well-being of our animal friends.
To sum up – we are of the opinion that Trifexis is safe and effective and that these reports, although highly emotionally charged, are not substantiated by the facts. The continued use in our personal pets is strong testament to our belief in the safety of Trifexis.

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Dr. Raymond Crain, Dr. Meredith Ghee and the staff of Rockdale Animal Hospital.

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