Our Team

Our staff of experienced and expert veterinarian doctors and skilled vet staff is ready when your pet needs us. Call or contact us today to learn more.

Veterinary Assistants

 staff photo--dannie goglia and pippa/ollie

Dannie Goglia & “Pippa” and “Ollie”

I have been employed at Rockdale Animal Hospital since May 2008. I have been working as a veterinary assistant since June 2006. Prior to working at a veterinary office I worked at a local pet store. I grew up in Conyers, graduating from Heritage High School. I share my home with my cats, Stinky and Meep, and my dogs, Ollie, Betty and Pippa.

courtney 2

Courtney Beam & “Oscar”

I have been employed at Rockdale Animal Hospital since April 2017. I joined the Rockdale staff with almost five years of veterinary assisting experience. I grew up on a cattle farm so I have always loved animals and knew I wanted to be in the veterinary field at a young age. I am currently attending San Juan College, taking classes to be a licensed veterinary technician. I share my home with my four dogs, Bear, Patsy, Snickers and Shorty, one cat, Morris, one horse, Harriet, and about thirty cows.

 keylee the goober

Keylee Wilson & “Koda”

I have been employed with Rockdale Animal Hospital since July of 2016. I have always loved animals and have been around them my whole life. I love to be outside with horses or just outside playing with the dogs. I have worked as a veterinary assistant since May of 2015 and absolutely love my job! I graduated high school in May of 2016 and am currently attending Penn Foster College to continue my education in the Veterinary field to get my Veterinary Technician license. I currently live with my three cats, Sophie, Ollie and Earl and also my three dogs, Jake, Koda and Drake.


Rachel Darwin & “Earl”

Originally from McDonough, Ga, I moved to Covington, GA about 4 years ago and have been employed at Rockdale Animal Hospital since January of 2015. I graduated high school with honors in May of 2015 as a dual enrollment student and have since continued my college career at Georgia Perimeter as a biology major. Growing up, I was always outdoors either riding my horses or playing in the dirt. My love for animals has guided me in most aspects of my life, from competing on horses as a child to working in a vet office today. I look forward to continuing my career in the veterinary field and going as far as it will take me!

Kennel Assistants

 Will Boggus--Staff photo

Will Boggus & “Stewie”

One of our kennel employees has neglected to turn in his biography to us, despite repeated requests, so we decided to follow through on our threats to write it ourselves:

“Will is a unique, sensitive young man with many gentle qualities. He has varied musical tastes, with a particular love for Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.  While he does spend some time playing soccer, cheerleading and flag dance, his favorite hobby is painting his nails. He is trying to perfect the best combination of “sassy” and “fresh” with an assortment of colors and patterns. When he finds just the right one, he plans to go public with them on Pinterest. When not pursuing his hobbies, he spends his downtime composing meditative melodies on his flute and piccolo. He is currently working on a new community service album entitled “Zen Tooty Flutey for the Sad Kitty-Witty,” which he plans to release to the veterinary community for anxiety-ridden cats everywhere.”


Sara Boggus & “Oscar”

I have been employed at Rockdale Animal Hospital since July 2014 as a kennel attendant. I currently attend Heritage high school as a junior. I have three dogs and a rabbit named Thumper. When I’m not at school or working, I enjoy playing soccer for RYSA and Heritage High School and biking.


Alaura Kilgore & “Chewy”

I became an employee at Rockdale Animal Hospital in August 2014. Working in the kennel is challenging yet fun. I have enjoyed my short time working here so far. Being able to work with animals is an awesome opportunity. I have grown up with animals my whole life and I love animals. I share my home with my yellow Labrador retriever, Noodles and three cats: Tinker Bell, Squeaks and Trouble. I enjoy the opportunity given to me to work at Rockdale Animal Hospital.


Jasmine Glenn & “Pippa”

I became an employee at Rockdale Animal Hospital in August 2014. I enjoy working in the kennel meeting all the friendly (and not so friendly) animals that walk through the door. I enjoy everyone there; they make this experience a very pleasant one. I love being around people who have the same big space in their hearts for animals as I do. And I also love gaining more experience with all the different types of pet personalities that come in. Animals and the love they give are one of the things in my life that always bring me happiness no matter what my day is like. When I’m not working, I love to spend time with my babies (which are my pets) and volunteering and helping out in any way I can. I also enjoy being around loved ones and laughing and enjoying the moment. I have 2 dogs (Thai, Nova), 1 cat (Mr. Carter), 1 hamster (Connor) , and four Betta fish (Trey, Billy, Dave, and Ember).


Alex Gilland & “Rosie”

I’ve been working as a Kennel Attendant at Rockdale Animal Hospital since August 2013. I went to Toccoa Falls College and played soccer there. I have a dog named Buddy and a cat named Kitty. I enjoy working with and caring for all the animals that come in.



Ashley Wilson & “CJ Maxwell”

I started working for Rockdale Animal Hospital in August 2016. I have two furbabies of my own named Rogue and Sierra. I have always had a passion for animals ever since I was a little girl and always dreamed of working with them. I have been a pet stylist for over 4 years now and I absolutely love my job. When I am not at work, I love to take my furbabies to the river to go swimming. I would love to get to know you and your pets so that I can pamper them!

Our Mascots



This little guy is a character, with his tongue hanging out the left side of his mouth and his wild game of fetch with his tiny fish toy. Brian is a little senior boy adopted by Dr. Ghee from the rescue group Walking Home Together. He has been a lovable addition to the Chihuahua herd in the office and his personality has really blossomed.


Rosie & Stewie

You will rarely leave the clinic without having run into a Chihuahua or two (or three). Tiny Rosie belongs to Dr. Crain and Stewie belongs to Dr. Ghee. They are clinic favorites, and we generally have to check people’s purses on their way out the door to be sure they haven’t packed a little stowaway! Both of these little rescues are packed full of personality!



Look, but don’t touch! Pippa belongs to our Assistant, Dannie. She is a very sweet, loving little girl, but like many Miniature Pinschers (ie: Min Pin), she is suspicious of strangers and does not want to be handled by anyone she doesn’t know. She had a bit of a rough start but she has won over the hearts of our staff. She pretends to be the receptionist most of the time.

 lois ghee 2


This creature belongs to Dr. Ghee. She was brought in as a stray at the wonderful age of thirteen! It only took one look for Dr. Ghee to fall in love with this sweet face. She is usually curled up in her bed most of the work days. Man oh man, what a life…

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